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Another Round

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February 09, 2010
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justha's picture

I love finding my way back. It a song to find your way back to a good love that that's struggling but true to heart and you know will stand the test of time.

big ant 225's picture

what's good jah big fan of your music ever since 01 kid great music my brother keep coming with the raw my dude be bless and much sucess to the future love the single woo the woman you got in that video master peace kid

KamoheloMlambo's picture

Hey Jah when is this album landing on South African shores or is it here already? If it's here, I'm buying it this weekend.

RosemaryCollier's picture

This man make me feel very good about being with my man that is younger then I. And do me just like the words that Jaheim is singing about he must have been in my baby's head lol. But keep up the good work Jaheim i;m feeling you boo.

CJH's picture

Jaheim you are getting gooder and gooder!!! I love your being

ladyT_2's picture

When are you coming out with a new album

PamelaMiller's picture

I have this cd and LOVE IT there is not a single song on here that I don't listen to all of the time. Thanks Jaheim for always giving us GREAT MUSIC....can't wait until the next cd

ssonjay's picture

Can It Get Any Better This??????????? Ready For The Next Round......

benisthemenace's picture

Love all Jah's stuff - soulful without being soppy. Keep doing it - we need another album already!

Ginag's picture

love the tunes...smooth soul vibes. a voice that touches yr heart. keep bringing food for my soul. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hot4U's picture

Hold up! Let me wipe the drool from my lips over Another Round. I love the music just as much as I love the man. Can't wait to meet you someday soon, Jaheim! You are my daily eye candy.


wimmedia's picture

congrats on finally getting the grammy nods! you more than deserve show interviewed you when you debuted your first cd, and we gave you gifts from the king from kabba kogi state in nigeria and the chief in ghana i shall let thewm know as you are always in their thoughts and prayers!
Roxann Executive Producer WIM Media

Sexyy Lipps's picture

Love you Jah!! Your music allow the thugs to grow into men with no regrets of being in love. Loving, Holding, a feeling of belonging, and Security are very important assets for falling in love and a thug is a big turn on. In addition your music provide all of these things. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

Yours truly,
Sexyy Lipps

Yvonne_2's picture

What a wicked selection of music - absolutely love it but "In my hands" is oh soooo sweet. Thank you!

London UK

MAMA's picture

LOVE `In My Hands` cant wait for the tour dates mostly towards the east coast..keep on inspiring our hearts Jaheim

First lady's picture

I like anoda round so much dat a day can not witout me listening to it. JAHEIM! you're a great man. I love ur sexy!

First lady's picture

I like anoda round so much dat a day can not pass witout me listening to it. JAHEIM! you're a great man. I love ur sexy!

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MAX's picture

buena musica jaheim que buena voz tienes, yo tambien hago musica hermano, megustan tus colaboraciones con raperos un abrazo desde Perú aca tambien te escuchamos cuidate paz.

jaheim good music that you have a good voice, I also do music brother Megusta your collaborations with rappers a hug from Peru here will listen cuidate peace.

Sunshine_2's picture

He must have been having a heavy breakup when he wrote this song. I can just feel his heart. No doubt..relationships are work but if it's real love, a couple will do what it takes to make it work. Jaheim...when u meet the woman God has in placed on this earth for you, there will be joy in your heart. You will feel her love for you more than you thought she loved you.

Gwinetta love's picture

WOW i just sit and listening to the whole track of another round and i loved it all you go the song in my hand it will get the lob done what more cana say smile.

Richele Buckner's picture


I listen to all your old and new music daily. I really like Another Round. You are a very talented man, and for that thank God........Keep it comin Jah!

bubblin5's picture

I slept this CD until one of my co workers brought it 2 work and we blasted it for 2 days. I AM SO HOOKED!!!!! WOW EXCELLENT!

Healthyhoney#1's picture

I listen to this CD every day at least 6 hours while I work at my computer!I replay track #2 at least 3 times every time. The video captures the essence of the song, completely.

miss sexy eyes's picture

track 11 is one of my fave ones,jah you are so talented keep up the good work your truely amazing xxx

pammy's picture

The best since Teddy Pendergrass.

Sunshine_2's picture

I'm luvin this song. Jah, hope u have a video coming out real soon. This is truly a heartfelt wedding song. Your voice is remarkable. Unique in today's music world and no one can touch you. Follow your path and your blessing in life. You are holding the R&B torch high and will continue to do so.

Mrs.S.Manning's picture

Jah my boo and i r just stopping 2 let u know that ur music is so wonderfull, u just know what 2 sing and how 2 sing it, keep it up sweetie. Love ya

1GrayGal's picture

Best thing going.....Unlike so many, Jaheim's lyrics, vocals and sheer creativity make every CD worth buying entirely (instead of my usual one or two I-Tune download).

trina_2's picture

No one can touch Jaheim right now on the music tip. I love all his album. Keep giving to them Jah. I love u.