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Saw your tweet the other day u said your soul felt restless.I hope u got some rest.Peace be with u luv u keep on making great music an singing to me!!!!lol

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I love you Jaheim. I have all of your music. Your concert in Houston was amazing. I loved it!!!! I loved taking a picture with your more. Price didn't matter as long as I was able to get close to you. You are my favorite!!!

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Finally, were the words I said to you before I sensually looked in your eyes- put on a sexy smile & took a picture with you- holding you ever so tight. What I really wanted to do was fling my hair around-throw my clothes to the floor and get up on your groove. BossLady

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Was able to attend your show at DAR Constitution Hall this past weekend....AMAZING!!!

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I love your music!!!

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A tour is not a tour unless it comes through Dallas!

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I have ALWAYS loved your music, looking forward to your new album and your tour....LaShonda Teague

LaShondaSidberry's picture

I have ALWAYS loved your music, looking forward to your new album and your tour....LaShonda Teague

LaShondaSidberry's picture

I have ALWAYS loved your music, looking forward to your new album and your tour....LaShonda Teague

LaShondaSidberry's picture

I have ALWAYS loved your music, looking forward to your new album and your tour....LaShonda Teague

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U r my favorite RnB singer,i love you so much,wen ever i overhear or listen to your wonderful songs it consoles and comfort me about my sad past since i lost my father at the age of 12yrs,God bless you abundantly and let your days be long till eternity

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Happy Birthday Jaheim! I saw you in Atlantic City Mothers Day weekend. I just love love love your music.!

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Happy Birthday Jaheim 2013 ;-)

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come to Jamaica

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I hope u will be HUNRGY for this music like u was when u frist started, It been 2yrs waiting for this album to drop, I know u have lot's to talk about. So BRING IT AND GO HARD

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Hey Jaheim,
Looking forward to seeing you at the Macy's Festival in Cincinnati. Give a shout out to Robin, your # fan!

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Yeaaaaaaa, I'm first. LOL

Hi Jah..... Waiting for the LUV ;-)

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Hey Ambassador Jah,

It's nice to see you pushing people to get out and vote.

1 luv, Nik Nik

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hi how are you doing jah, just want to say keep doing what you are doing and God wil countinue to bless you in many ways....
_Love, Kim

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Gud morning :)
I've already started spreading the great news for 2012......... My fam & i gonna have a toast for u tonite!!!! Muah.... WE WISH U ALL THE BEST JAH!!!!! GUIDANCE

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hey jah
just wanted to say i luv your music!
i always listen to ( a diamond in the rough)and so many others.luv the new song i heard today (stay together) feeling it! stay strong! always remain firm for it is a struggle out here but only the strong shall remain!!may God bless u and have a healthy newyear filled with peace and happiness!!
thanks for the music !! a fan for life!!

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Seasons Greetings Jah

Thanks for that tweet. I am so excited that your new album will be released soon.

Luv ya.... Your loyal Fan

Nik Nik ;-)

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Hi Jaheim I am looking for my childhood boyfriend Mario Mussy Watson. I also knew your grandmother who lived in the projects on the second floor. I knew your aunt Gene and your cousins Lind, Lisa and Pam Carter. We lived in the townhouses on Commercial Ave. I am also best friends with Wendy Sanders her sister Kim Sanders from New Brunswick. If you can help me in anyway please feel free to respond. The last time i saw Mussy he was in Newark visiting cousins that lived in 7th ave projects.

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Happy Holidays! Hope ur in gud spirits. It would make the season more cheerful if u release a lil Christmas song for us :) Take care of urself Jah.......... Peace & Guidance

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hey jah i cant say much on here so i guess we can just keep them guessing .. much love bae enjoy ya day and pay the bill on time next time lololol

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Hi Jah

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hey jah know that we are one. much love jah jah

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Stopping by for some luv. Opps, I mean to show some luv LOL. Hope life is treating you well and can’t wait for your next release. Please, please…give us more videos!! Just luv seeing your sexy self on the big screen. Muah!!

BTW, I changed my #. Call, text, tweet me at 808-SUN-SHNE. :)

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Hey there fella,

What you got cookin'

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peace jah! i have a tracks for u man how can i get my music to u got this track that's just rite for u and jada kiss!

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Just wanna say hi. Enjoy ur Saturday Ja :)

JAH'S MEAL's picture

Dropping you a lil midnight love ({}) :*

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Jaheim,I love u & respect u because through it all u always take time away from the spot light & spend it with GOD!!!! Please continue ur spiritual day to day walk with the Most High & always remember that: Greater Is He That Is In U, Than He That Is In The World!!

JAH'S MEAL's picture

Well gud mornin sir :)
Stoppin by to drop that same ole lovin & to ask u a question. "Did u figure out how to work that phone yet or do u need me to cum over & help u?" LOL
I've read ur recent tweets,it's heart-felt. I feel u on that....spending time with God (Prayers,Fasting & Meditating HEALS!!)
I also notice that u quote ur recording a few songs, if wat ur sayin is that ur preparing a new album, well Jah love,I can't wait!!
Take care of urself Jaheim, I really hope ur in gud spirits. Peace & Guidance

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just saying hi

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture


We can help to uplift you. Your fans feel your pain and your joy. God Bless you.

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Hey Jah,

Saw your tweets yesterday. What you said was felt. It seemed to come from a deep place within.
You will always have loyal fans. Stay strong!!!!

PS anytime you want to take a lucky fan (such as myself) to your favorite restaurant, I'm sure she (I) will be ready at a drop of a dime. LOL

One luv Jah... Nik Nik

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Jaheim my man. When are you making your way to South Africa? Please make it soon.

HER's picture

i love ya new song with ledisi ( stay together and also your new song called in the dark.

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Jaheim I just wanted to let you know that I love your music and your style and much sucess to you in the future. Cant wait to meet u again!!

Nik Nik - TheChosenOne's picture

Hi handsome,
I'm loving the song you & Ledisi have. I'm glad they are playing it on the radio.


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Hey luv, thinkin of u and just wanted to give u a shout out. When r u coming to the beach for my lei? You can have it...all of it. LBS, stay well and continued blessings.

@JM...OMG LMAOROTF. That explains why he was MIA at the after party.

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I hope your born day was special! Wish I could have shared it with u! I pray that all your days r blessed; be safe and know that you are loved! "hugs n kisses"

Thinking about u! Lots of love n be Blessed!
What's going on with u n when can we look forward to seeing u perform again? Show your face in the place--man! I miss u!

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Happy birthday Jaheim!contiune to fulfilled, progress,excell and be the best. That why am here u're d best. i wish u more great things.

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Happy Birthday Jaheim! May your birth be celebrated by all that love and know you. Your fans sure appreciate this day.

Nik Nik - TheChosenOne's picture

Happy Birthday Jaheim,

Live, Love, Laugh, & enjoy your day

1 Love,
Nik Nik

Psssss...... be very aware of Sunshine & Jah's Meal..... remember rm 68 & 69?............ LMAO

JAH'S MEAL's picture

Happy born day Daddy!!! Muah....
Let's have a toast...."TO MANY MORE CELEBRATIONS TO CUM!!" :D
God have blessed u with again another year! Enjoy to the Max!!!!!

Today's ur day we goin in my JahJah
U & Mama, at a safe location
Let's get away for ur birthday
Take a beautiful trip somewhere
Around my bay ;)

Hit the bed
While I give u some h***
I'd be the Mama to ur kids
U know what time it is
It's now a quater to 6
I got ur fix & some tricks
Hold up.......
Let me get the chains & the whips...Jah Jah
Make a wish.... Close ur eyes while I blow away
When I'm done u'll say I'm the Best! Yes!
Make a wish... I'd make ur Wet Dreams Cum Tru
Jah there's nothing that I would'nt do......LOL

Sunshine_2's picture

Do u know how hard it is for me to not express my sexual desires for you? Indeed, the bed is listening. Lmao...but I will stay focused as to why I'm here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAH....and wishing u many more with luv.

First lady's picture

Hello Jah,thots about u dat why i stop bu say u're blessed. keep the good work on you're the best.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!;-)lol.........