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Nik Nik - TheChosenOne


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Nik Nik - The Chosen One
About Me: 
Hello to my fellow Jaheimians - 2014 I am a real reserved person - except when it comes to Jaheim. I try to uplift people as often as I can. I am on this site to relax, let my hair down, joke, laugh, & even shed a few tears. Not interested in love connections (Except Jaheim - hit me up - LMAO) Education: BA: S.U.N.Y. New Paltz- New Paltz, New York ME: FAMU (Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University) - Tallahassee,Florida PHD: JHU (Jaheim Hoagland University) - My Heart, USA :-)
United States
Nik Nik (if Jaheim can be Jah Jah, then I can be Nik Nik)
New York
Favorite Jaheim Track: 
From Each Album: Could It Be; Everywhere I am; Hush; & Another Round (the list goes on)
I love to play board and card games. I'm Nice on the Wii (Sports that is... LOL.) SPADES - anytime anywhere. I like to read books my friends and family give me. I love attending - Broadway Shows / Off Broadway Shows. I try to see movies released the 1st weekend. If not, the next LOL I want to take a world tour - starting with Mother Africa!
Favorite Quote: 
Don't blame the next person for the stress you are under - Blame yourself! Comment I often say to other people: Buying a new computer - $1,200; Get into a car accident having to pay a deductable - $500; Getting the chance to see Jaheim in concert - Priceless. There's other music, then there's Jah's music!


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Hey NikNik, whats up? get in touch, new phone. glad this feature is back. love ya

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Hey! It's been a while, but here we are a few days out from Jah's official new release!! I'm sure you've heard the album at It has left me speechless!!:) I thought you would have these discussions on FIYAH about this CD!! LOL!! Hope all is well! And I hope Appreciation Day will not cause you to pass out!! LOL!!

Nik Nik - TheChosenOne's picture

Hey Tawnee,
sorry for the late response I didn't realize the site put this feature back on. Hope all is well with you enjoy the new year 2014.
FIYAH...... YES! I love his new album I enjoyed seeing him when he was here in New York.

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Good morning sorry for the late respond.
When I first uploaded the pic it didn't post in the community either.
So here's the steps I took:
First I typed in title, scrolled down to type in description, scrolled up to choose category which is fan, upload content, scrolled down to upload content again then save... Hope it works for you.
There are some new Jah pics (GOODIES) in the community & if we you upload yours we will have a feast!! Lol

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Hey there. I didn't realize they put this feature back on the site. Hope all is well with you enjoy the new year!!!

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When did you figure this out?

MSVICTORIA's picture

WWWWWHYYY is this happening????? What is this? Who did they fired?

First lady's picture

Pretty and always shining! I love this pic. My dear my lectures is taking much of my time this days. It's well

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Go to twitter; doesn't sound like the meeting went well.

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

No idea what to do on that chat site. Figure it out and email me : )

I saw Ja sent one tweet.

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

It looks like video only????

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Hey go to community and drop down and see there is something called chat; what is that?

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

I'll email the webcrew; if they still exist LOL

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Always hungry for more Ja : )
Waiting for the tweeting @ 8 p.m.

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Hey soul sista!

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Who knew Ja was so talkative? Loving it.

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Wake up! We need to liven this site up. Aren't you still the social director? LOL

Those tweets are entertaining as heck; aren't they?

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These pops are past their expiration date. Time for some new chocolate. Did someone say Osi? ROTF

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Hey Nik Nik, thank you for all you said..I appreciate it...
Love Kim

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

I should have known you would know.....LOL

Henrietta's picture

Ok thanks

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

I would be honored : )

Is it Ja Jr. or Caron (guess which song these names are from)

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oh my, is that what's going on! It's a female. Oh snap! Not here! Not Ever! LMAO!

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

I am wondering when; I can't WAIT! Have you heard a date?

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Nik Nik, Would you get Jah into the studio... not to wait till the pockets start leaking.
It's 2yrs I got the Old cd "Another Round"
Get him out of the Blanket into the Studio... New Release is due......?

FN's picture

Thanks Nik Nik for the info and Happy to be part of the Jaheim Community!

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wow I see there are others that love them some Jaheim like myself.He is my favorite male R&B artist.When he sings he does it with so much soul and feeling.Man I love me some Jaheim!

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Hey What's up Nik Nik? Nice to hear from you.

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

You put me on the list when I was only delivering a message to you from Jah. LMAO!

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

You did see the 1.5.12 tweet to you from Jah didn't you? He said you are always on top. Let him be on top sometimes LMAO

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

I am jealous. I saw where Jah tweeted you. He sounds like he has been reading the posts you make on the site LOL

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Aloha Ms. 1,2,3,4,5...FOMC

LOL @den. No such thing here. We call it caves. LBS, I haven't forgotten my boo. I think of Jah 25/8. I'm gonna holla back soon as I clear this paperwork off my desk. I miss the list. LMAO

HAPPY NEW YEAR Ms. 6,7,8,9,10

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Happy birthday lil sis; I think I missed it : (

sha's picture

happy new years nik nik thanks for the welcome looking forward to more chating!!

ms shelly's picture

Thank you for the warm welcome and Happy Hoildays to you as well!

mzs rendezvous's picture

Merry Christmas. And Happy Holidays. email me when u have a chance.

First lady's picture

Merry christmas

mzs rendezvous's picture

Hey Nik Nik, Girl what's going on? Dang I been missing the ladies in the community. Tell everyone HELLO and HAPPY HOLIDAY'S. I will be checking in again soon. LOVE U ALL.

First lady's picture

Thanks! how can i be naught.
I see you're set for xmas.
Activities is much for me this period.
Take cares and stay away from Jah. LOL

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

You at the top of the list sis! That's the skinniest santa I have ever seen. What's new with you? Do you get a winter recess? What is Jah getting you for Christmas?

I wish he would get off those games and start tweeting.

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Hi Nik! I miss you guys and I must apologize for not staying in touch. Your girl been busy with a new job and I have deferred my studies but all is good down under. And tell me, who told you Jah was downn under? Please dont tell me he was here and I wasnt told??? omggg Tell me what u know. How you been anyway sis?

Sunshine_2's picture

ROTF @ur profile pic.

In answer to your question from 2 wks ago LOL, that’s not Mr. Alba’s mold. Girl, it’ll take 3 platters for his to fit on. FOMC, LMAO

MS.VICTORIA's picture



Hey sis I see you still holding things down since i've been on lockdown. I will be coming up for parole in a few weeks so get get ready!

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Hey you! I'm back from Sin City. Luck was on my side this time. I actually came back with more than I took with me.

Are you a boxing fan? I got to meet Ernie Shavers, Ken Norton and Leon Spinks. It was amazing!

Kept looking in the crowd for Jah. No sightings.

HER's picture

hey nik nik, um good and the big day will be in august after i move to atlantic city how are you tho

Sunshine_2's picture

You can stop your therapy sessions now that the site is back up. I just saw the receipt, we’re good for another month. ROTF...ish, I’d need Dr. Phil if he ever showed up. LMAO

So, did u get my tickets? If not, please purchase 2. I’m bringing my boo.

First lady's picture

I said it that you were deceive Jah.
He can see it now. Anyway he cute. LMAO
Nothing the happen.
How're you doing?

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

SNOW! Don't mention that word. I ain't having it this winter. Stay warm and let Jah come up for air every now and again LOL