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So Blessed in so many ways. And always living each day like it"s my last. I've two son's 25 + 20. Royal & Rodrick glad to still be here for them and I'm proud of both of them.
Anna Lee
Mount Vernon N.Y
Favorite Jaheim Track: 
Have You Ever *I chose you & Another Round
Workingout 'Singing' Working with Kids (Lee's Sunshine Child Care) for 10yrs And helping others
Favorite Quote: 
Every One Loves The Sunshine


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Hey it's going just hanging out for the summer. Enjoying

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Hi Anna - How's your summer going? I haven't seen you on the site in a while. Hope all is well with you.

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What's good Jah Fans? MattLantic stopped by & wants everyone to know the contest is coming "SOOOOO SOON!!!!!"
Keep it locked right here on this site for the next update!
Jaheim's Fan - Nik Nik

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Hi. What a small world. You know what they say about the Vernon, "You can find us EVERYWHERE!"
1. Your pic, is that you twice in a different pose? 2. Where you at a show?

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Hello Anna Lee - I meant to comment on your pic when you 1st posted it. Is it the same person? Was it at a show?. So what part of NY are you from?