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The Appreciation Tour Dates


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on October 07, 2013


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I purchased tickets to the Jaheim concert scheduled for December 8th, 2013 @7:30pm at the Verizon Theathre at Grand Prairie, Texas through order # 010-0032 4873 on Novermber 26. However when I purchased the tickets It was not to my knowledge that we would exprience a winter storm in Dallas, Texas! The whole city was covered with ICE the whole weekend! Due to the storm my vehicle was trapped under the carport. I has not able to move my vehicle do to this happening. Due to inclement weather, my car being trapped I was not able to attend the concert as planned. I called AXS at 1-888-929-7849 to explain my situation and request a refund but I was told that my monies would not be refunded to me and that the concert was going on as scheduled! I am very irate and I feel that this is totally unfair that I didn not recieve a refund! I paid $59.50 for TWO tickets and this money went down the drain! Due to the weather conditions and my car being trapped I my money should be refunded.
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Hey Jahiem, Thank u for coming to Detroit.I absolutely loved the concert.Your voice is still mesmerizing. U are absolutely handsome. Thank u for staying after and taking pictures.U were so kind. I will never forget this show, b cuz that pic of me and u is priceless to me. Looking forward to u coming back. Thank u jahiem. U honestly showed ur appreciation!! Detroit definately Appreciated u!! Love u Jah!! LOVE MZBOSSYFASHIONS....Im on twitter:)
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Hello Jaheim! I had the pleasure of seeing your concert, Sunday night, November 17, 2013 in Detroit, at the Fox theatre. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was my first time ever seeing you perform & honey you showed your ass. I mean your singing & voice sounds exactly like the record. I always tell my nephew, if they was to have a Jaheim look-a-like contest he will win. You & my newphew look like twins. When I walked up to the Fox Theatre & seen the flyers up stating that Chrisette Michelle was not going to be performing, it didn't bother me one bit, because my main cause was to be there for you,(Jaheim) & I think you seen that at the show, how packed the Fox was. A lot of people had a choice to get a refund or stay & see Jaheim, and it seems that the peoples choice was to stay and see this bad ass young man with an outstanding voice that can sing in your ear all night. After seeing you for the first time, there wont be a last time, because Cheryl is going to be at every Jaheim show that comes to Detroit. Keep up the good singing & kicking out those jams, Jaheim! Can you respond back to me, so I know that you read this. Love you!!!