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Finding My Way Back Video Shoot

Finding My Way Back Video Shoot
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Posted by MattLantic
Average: 5 (1 vote)


Siphelele's picture

Hey Ja.Iam your biggest fan in the whole world.Im waiting anxiously 4 u to come 2 South Africa.I love your music so much,so inspirational and touching.I own all of your albums.Please keep me updated should you decide to descend my african shores.Much love!!!!

lover@heart's picture

*****In my hands**** Everytime I hear this song, it makes me wanna cry with love. If u have ever been in love you can feel what I am saying. When I get married this song will def be played. This song is a true testament to what real love is. PSA-if u want to propose to someone, put this song on, get down on one knee and let Jaheim do the rest. Timeless classic!!!!!

Theh Majozi's picture

***In my hands** is thee most beautiful, timeless track ever. I literally got goose bumps when I heard it...but then again I get goose bumps when I hear Jaheim's voice. God bless him and that voice.. When are you gracing us with your presence in South Africa?

Tamarah's picture

"In My Hands", I think, will HANDS DOWN be the wedding anthem for the next 10 or so years. Who wrote that? This Young man is sooo dogg gone SEXY I can't stand it. May God bless you in all your endeavors. LUV, LUV LUV YOU J!!!!!!!!

Chicsista's picture

I absolutely love "In my hands", it totally puts me in a reverie. You have an awesome sultry and sexy voice.

JayceeA59's picture

Oh my...if I was under 50, I would come after your hind parts! For real, your voice is so sultry, rich, pure and down-right sexy!! Makes me chill everytime.. Love this "Another Round" Finding My Way Back...OUCH...SCORCHING HOT!! Class act with your girl in the video. Glad to see that, got 3 of my friends to by the CD!! Keep going, there is so much for you to do...honestly, praying you find true love.

HER's picture


Nik Nik - The Chosen One's picture

@Robin, why did you say that? LOL how are U putting 2 & 2 together?

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Correction: He LOVES his mama!

Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

@Nik Nik I told us so! Finally a good look at that new tat on his chest. He truly loved his mama!


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