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Ain't Leavin Without You Ft. Jadakiss

Ain't Leavin Without You Ft. Jadakiss...

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)
Posted by: Jaheim

Ain't Leavin Without You Ft. Jadakiss

Ain't Leavin Without You Ft. Jadakiss

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on February 08, 2010
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Ain't Leavin Without You Ft. Jadakiss

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)


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Hey how ya doin? :) love the tune awesome sounds

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What about doing a video here in Italy..??? My Italian son introduced me to your Music in 2013...HIP HOP Soul is VERY BIG Over here..Your VOICE will Hypnotize...And your Classy style will be a sensational HIT....Per Favore Viene in Italia...Ci Sono le donne di colore anche qui...."" IN ENGLISH: PLEASE, come to Italy, there are women of Color over here too"....

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Another song I just love love love love.

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New album over due... Please Please Please get the crooner in the studo
and lock the door till he produce....
I blame the first lady... spoil the thug love....
bless you jah

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FN's picture

Can you please make all your video available for iPad ?
Also when will "In My Hand" video be available? Can't wait to see how that will translate in image!!!!

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yes we have a new date for st louis mo thanks i am beenin waiting to hear him.

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I LOVE THIS SONG.That's Jaheim is wonderfully made and not fearfuly made 'cos only a man that's wonderfuly made can write songs like this. YOU TOO MUCH GUY.

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who the heck is the girl in blue on the couch in the beginning, she is fine as hell, anyone know who she is?